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Mixed Metaphors

Mixed Metaphors Productions creates Charlotte-based immersive theatrical experiences. 

The Art. We make theatre you can be part of. We make installations that transport you through time. We explore Charlotte through bold experimentation. We activate your senses and memories. This comes in the form of theatre, art installations, immersive experiences, and celebration.


The Community. We produce work by Charlotte, about Charlotte, for the betterment of Charlotte. We go beyond the doors of the theater. We partner with locally-based organizations because the goal of our art is to create measurable change. We keep our ear to the ground for whispered stories, and help transform them into shouts. 


The Purpose. We activate change. We make space for artists to create, and we cultivate the artist in all of us. We offer fresh answers to the question “What is Charlotte?” We disrupt the too-tidy narrative. We give you a fun night out rooted in joy.


We can’t wait to meet you.

Our Team

The MMP team crosses artistic mediums, ethnicities, social class, genders, sexuality, beliefs, and zip codes. 

Our team is a rotating roster of Charlotte-based artists working in mediums like; devised theatre, visual art, installation art, sound art, dance, culinary arts and many more.

We are brought together by the common goal of creating immersive theatrical experiences that honor Charlotte's past while dreaming of its future. 

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